In addition to our "LAN Service Program" we offer a wide array of services, all focused on helping your small business or organization keep up with today's fast-paced world of technology.

Below is a brief description of our services as well as an overview of our "LAN Service Program"

Simply Networking Solutions' "LAN Service Program" was designed to help businesses take full advantage of available networking technologies, without the high costs and burdens usually associated with implementing a practical and efficient networking solution.

Our "LAN Service Program" eliminates high costs of setting up a network in a new or existing establishment by taking advantage of the latest in wireless technologies and providing all hardware, software and regular monitoring and administration to you at a fixed monthly rate.

By enrolling in our "LAN Service Program" you are making Simply Networking Solutions your IT Department. We provide you with professional support of our systems through telephone, e-mail or on-site service calls at no extra charge.

To take advantage of this new and innovative solution, please fill out the form found here, and someone will contact you with information on our three-month, no-obligation trial. You will also be entered in a draw for a 24x10x40x CD-ReWriter.

We design no-nonsense, visually pleasing websites that bring you the best that a web site has to offer. We have experience in designing very basic sites as well as more complex, full featured websites.

Our design fees start at only $299.

We host all our sites on an Apache Web Server. The web's most widely used and accepted web server. Our server supports Microsoft's FrontPage Server Extensions as well as various Server-side scripting languages including PHP.

Our hosting services start at only $14.99/month or $154.99/year for basic hosting.

In today's computer-focused business world it's most likely that software that meets your needs exists somewhere. But if it doesn't, SNS will be glad to create it for you.

The way we store and manipulate data has changed greatly. As a small business, you too should be able to take advantage of software that large corporations have been using for years to help them stay atop their mountain of data. We can help build and implement a full-scale, server-side database solution that best meets your needs.

The internet, and more specifically, the World Wide Web has grown to become more than just an informational tool but also a productivity tool. SNS can help you bring custom applications to life on the web.

Call today for more information on all our services - 866.355.9155.

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